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Leak Detection FAQ's

How do you locate a hidden leak?


We use the latest technology available which helps us narrow down and pinpoint a leakage area, these are Tracer gas, acoustics, thermal imaging, moisture surveys, correlation and damp surveys to name a few. 


Is it covered by my insurance?


In most cases yes. Most insurance policies do include ‘trace & access’. When we carry out a survey we will do a full report, which the insurance will then ask you to forward onto them. Once they receive this they will usually reimburse the charges of our survey. 


Does the water need turning off?

If tracer gas is to be used then yes the water will need isolating until the leak has been pinpointed. Central heating leaks don’t usually require the water to be isolated. 


How soon can you come to my property?


In most cases we can attend your property to carry out a survey in 1-2 days.

If you have any further question please call now..

Domestic Leaks

Leaks in a domestic property can quickly cause a lot of internal damage if left undetected which can result in costly repair works. In most cases we can attend your property the next working day to help pinpoint your leak. 

Commercial Leaks

Due to the size of most commercial sites pinpointing a leak on underground pipework can be very difficult. Leak Trace & Access have the experience, knowledge and specialist equipment to do this quickly and effectively.

Head Office: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

T: 07519988147

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