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About Us

Leak Trace & Access Specialists have over 18 years experience

working in the leak detection sector.


Covering all areas of the UK and on occasions even abroad, we have helped people and companies locate hard to find leaks, that regular leak detection and plumbers have failed to locate due to not having the specialist state of the art equipment we possess. We have successfully located leaks on central heating, hot and cold pipework within domestic properties and also leaks on swimming pools. We can also track ingress into properties from flat roofs.


On commercial premises we have successfully located leaks on fire ring mains around factories, mains water supplies across industrial estates, holiday parks,  allotment sites and even across farm job is too big or too small. Get in touch now for a free no obligation quote...

Domestic Leaks

Leaks in a domestic property can quickly cause a lot of internal damage if left undetected which can result in costly repair works. In most cases we can attend your property the next working day to help pinpoint your leak. 

Commercial Leaks

Due to the size of most commercial sites pinpointing a leak on underground pipework can be very difficult. Leak Trace & Access have the experience, knowledge and specialist equipment to do this quickly and effectively.

Head Office: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

T: 07519988147

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